Strona GłównaPKIM authorities

PKIM authorities

Comets and Meteors Workshop is being managed by three-person management group that consists of a chairman, financial officer and secretary. The board is chosen every two year during general meeting of members

Coordinators are responsible for projects carried out by PKiM departments. Coordinator’s function can be also created for specific task. The board takes care of creating and recalling new functions. Selection or change of people performing those functions is also possible by vote. In case of any matter related with departments please contact their coordinators directly.

The right to select the board, coordinators and influence on functioning of Workshop have PKiM members

The control of any decisions and expenses takes three-person audit committee.

With any matters regarding PKiM please contact us via our email address

The board:


Przemysław Żołądek

Financial officer:

Mariusz Wiśniewski


Magdalena Sieniawska

Audit Committee:

Chairman of audit committee:

Krzysztof Polakowski

Member of audit committee:

Maciej Maciejewski

Member of audit committee:

Andrzej Skoczewski


Visual observations

Magdalena Sieniawska

Telescopic observations:

Section inactive

Video observations:

Mariusz Wiśniewski

Photographic observations:

Przemysław Żołądek

Radio observations:

Karol Fietkiewicz

Meteorite section:

Zbigniew Tymiński

Theoretical calculations section:

Przemysław Żołądek, Mariusz Wiśniewski

Cyrqlarz’s editor:

Currently looking for editor


Mariusz Wiśniewski, Krzysztof Polakowski

Discussion groups:

Mariusz Wiśniewski

Special tasks’ coordinators:

Coordinator of IMC 2013 organization in Poland:

Mirosław Krasnowski

Coordinator of “Draconids 2011” action:

Mariusz Wiśniewski

Coordinator of acquisition of financial funds:

Magdalena Sienawska