Strona GłównaPKiM’s theoretical calculations section (PSOT)

PKiM’s theoretical calculations section (PSOT)

On 11th November 2006 PSOT (PKiM’s theoretical calculations section) were found. The founders are: Mariusz Wiśniewski, Przemysław Żołądek and Karol Fietkiewicz.

Founding this section is our answer to:

  • Setting up a committee of meteors by IAU,
  • IAU plans to create the final list meteor showers of hives in time of three years,
  • Creation of international team to develop calculation methods for “MODWG” orbit,
  • Horrible stagnation in analysing polish observations caused by lack of manpower,
  • Appearance of many people who would like to take care of analyzing data but don’t know how to start,

Section goals:

  • Systematisation of theoretical knowledge about meteors,
  • Searching for textbooks, articles, manuals and descriptions,
  • Developing methods of data analysing,
  • Writing programs,
  • Reducing collected data,
  • Analysing of known activity meteor showers,
  • Searching for new meteor showers,
  • Propagating collected information,
  • Copperating with abroad groups concentrated around meteors..

We are looking for people interested in participating in our section. We don’t require knowledge of meteors. We are building a team of people willing to analyse scientific data. If you are interested don’t hesitate to write to us.