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Photographic observations

By Anonymous - Posted on 11 August 2011

Photographic department of PKIM coordinates photographic observations of meteors in Poland. At this time we regularly perform observations with use of our self-constructed equipment and we reduce collected data that has significant scientific value due to its accuracy and objectivity. Since 2004 photographic fireball stations creates Polish Fireball Network

Cooperation with the department doesn’t require the observer to have any particular skills and mathematical and physical abilities. Simple but valuable observations can be made at really low cost, sometimes it only needs an old Russian reflex camera of Zenit type. Of course people with theoretical raciness are also welcomed, after all, meteor science is a wide and fascinating, although in the era of great projects and huge telescopes it’s underestimated part of astronomy.

Thanks to accurate photographs we are able to define the location of meteoroids in the atmosphere with accuracy of tens of meters, speed with accuracy of mil parts of kilometers per second, we can judge the mass and examine physical and chemical attributes of a meteoroid. With no doubts once in every few years a new meteorite falls down on a territory of our country and it can’t be found due to a lack of suitable equipment at that exact time and place. That’s why, if you want to take your part in this adventure with meteors and creating real science – we invite you to work with us.

Below you will find guides how to start photographic observations of meteors.